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She was 10 months pregnant for portions of the video.
"You have no idea how many moms’ hearts you just touched," one commenter wrote.
It was funny, at first. Then the paranoia set in.
For the magazine's January 2020 issue, four celebrity moms dish on the challenges of pregnancy and motherhood.
Most know what they see isn't realistic ... but they still feel like they don't stack up.
Her wisdom extends far beyond the province of literature.
The Duchess of Sussex talked with the former first lady as a guest editor for the latest issue of British Vogue.
Everyone in the room was focused on the baby, except the photographer.
It's largely because they want to look good for photos.
It celebrates the amazing and often hidden things women's bodies do.
My first chemical pregnancy led me down a dark spiral of self-blame, speculation and anger
Female friendships are really hard to maintain as a parent, but they're important, she says.
It's a time when women are already physically and emotionally vulnerable.
Our new parenting series will tackle topics that don't always come up at playgroup.
Over the years, I'd had to let my "type-A-ness" slide, accepting that I simply will not have the time I need to put things "right"
Right now, the privilege of remaining professionally engaged while a new mother is largely limited to those in positions of power.