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MTV Video Music Awards

For the best reason ever.
As the 31st annual MYTV VMAs prepares to get under way on Sunday night, performers might pay mind that aiming for a Miley bump might still net you a Robin bomb. For if last year proved anything it's that manufacturing controversy as a marketing technique is risky because it's impossible to tell what might catch fire and what will simply burn to the ground.
The MTV Video Music Awards has had its fair share of shocking, OMG moments. Remember when Madonna and Britney Spears shared
It's no secret what keeps us watching the MTV VMAs given it's been years since the channel stopped airing music videos. As
When everyone from your loyalist fans to your oldest "rivals" are hounding you for a reunion, it's hard not to take notice
I saw many prominent white feminists use their sizeable platforms to defend Miley's right to rub her ass on Robin Thicke while wearing flesh-coloured bra and panties. I watched as those same people remained embarrassingly silent about Miley's behaviour towards black women and black culture.
Looks like Drake won't be the only Canadian who started from the bottom to now be here on the red carpet at this year's MTV