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There’s no rift a great song can’t heal.
The band is suing Mill Street Brewery for using their likeness and materials to promote the brew.
Britney Spears and Janet Jackson deserve an apology, people say.
Twain also performed at the ‘Big Game’ back in 2003, which was the last time the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the trophy. Coincidence?
The Canadian singer put on a unique, compelling performance, despite pandemic limitations.
And you better believe Avril Lavigne is also having a pop-punk comeback.
Kaytranada's song "What You Need," featuring Charlotte Day Wilson, is one of 46 songs chosen for the occasion.
TikTok’s duet feature opened the door for the sea-shanty revival — and everyone’s on board.
The U.K. superfan says he’s not in a huge rush to change it back.
The pandemic, racial injustice and tension around the American election all impacted his creative process.