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Everyone's trying to find their best footing in a minority parliament.
This isn't the first time "the Mooch" acknowledged the PM's tactics.
He was appointed to the coveted role in 2016.
Even large diversified mining companies are getting out of the business of coal.
Investor-state dispute settlement was tempered in the USMCA, but the government needs to justify why it persists asking for it in other agreements.
A dairy expert weighs in on commons misconceptions in the wake of USMCA.
"In the case of our country, we were trying to minimize the losses."
I had a front-row seat throughout the talks after being asked to be an adviser to the Canadian negotiating team.
Canada made concessions because we need access to the American market far more than they need access to our 36-million consumers.
Much of NAFTA remains intact under the new USMCA, but life will change in some ways for consumers.
NAFTA's replacement leaves much of the old trade pact intact, a relief for markets.
We have lived with a bad NAFTA deal for a quarter century. It makes no sense to me to repeat that with a new NAFTA.
Tech companies are using NAFTA discussions to bring back sex trafficking immunity provisions in the U.S. and expand them to Canada.
"Yeah, I did," said the U.S. president about rejecting a meeting with Trudeau.
Supply management would likely have flown under the radar in NAFTA talks if the dairy lobby allowed the import of diafiltered milk protein.
The prime minister isn't planning to meet directly with the U.S. president.
We need to be able to tell our stories from communities across Canada, large and small, and that means standing up for culture at NAFTA negotiations.
The pact that Canada is being urged to join looks a lot like the "bad deal" Trudeau vowed to reject.