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nathaniel erskine smith

The proposed legislation would also ban the use of such animals in performances.
MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith balances independence and toeing the Liberal party line.
Nathaniel Erskine-Smith believes Bill C-235 will save lives.
He wants a policy similar to Portugal’s to make it into the Liberals’ election platform.
Nathaniel Erskine-Smith, Wayne Long supported an NDP motion calling for a full investigation.
A new UN report must serve as a wake-up call, MPs say.
NDP, Green Party have joined a Liberal MP's push for the move.
A Toronto MP has been advocating for the ambitious policy for years.
159 Liberals voted against electoral reform report.
I ask a simple question: should a party with less than 40 per cent of the popular vote control 100 per cent of the power in our democracy? There is an overwhelming consensus that the answer is "no." Democracy's legitimacy lies in its authority from the people.
Hilarity ensues.
He says animal welfare laws haven’t been substantively changed since 1892.
From assisted dying to ISIS to pot, several Grits have broken ranks.
The Canadian Act for Animals was written in 1892 -- that's not a typo. We've had some changes through the years, but still have few enforceable laws to protect animals even from extreme neglect and cruelty in this country. It is well known that Canada falls far behind other nations recognizing the sentience and rights of animals.
The health minister, however, says the bill was "unsupportable."
4 Liberal MPs voted against the legislation.
"It's absolutely unnecessary."
The winds of change are sweeping through Canada, giving us a renewed sense of possibility and hope about what we can accomplish together. As so many have said since the federal election in October, "Canada is back!" And Canada wants change for animals.