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natural disaster

How she and other Canadians are reaching across the border to help survivors of deadly wildfire.
We want our children to grow up to be empowered and compassionate problem-solvers, rather than fearful citizens who expect the worst to happen.
Rated Red's Luke Williams weighs in on the realities of being a natural disaster volunteer. There's a lot you probably won't expect.
Here are some of the lessons we learned from the Calgary flood, and a list of what seniors who live independently or in supported residences -- and the families and agencies who support them -- can do to better prepare for an emergency or disaster.
Alberta is about to mop up a massive mess. Mother Nature has shown us, in no uncertain terms, who the boss is. The ferocity of the floods we are facing is mind-boggling. Tens of thousands of people are displaced, countless homes and businesses are damaged, and an infinite number of dreams, plans, and schedules have been washed away. It is devastating.