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NDP Leadership

The NDP leader is now chomping at the bit for a seat in the House of Commons.
The party is gathering for a caucus session in British Columbia this week.
Are NDP supporters happy that their new leader may not seek a seat in Parliament?
"I always believe you should be better today than you were yesterday ..."
They also debated the issue of free speech on campus.
They talked basic income, Trump, and the last time they smoked pot.
“What he is showcasing are religious values.”
"I’ve never said that I want people to accept the way I look."
"This does not sound to me like a criminal justice problem."
Leaders don't manufacture a scandal by attempting to turn female colleagues who witnessed an accidental elbow into feeble political props.
Decision time soon to replace Thomas Mulcair.
Whether you are a rural Quebec farmer or an urban Muslim student, you ought to have a candidate and a government that speaks to you.
Is this what a human rights activist looks like? A person capitalizing on the suffering and victimization of the Palestinian population to garner votes?