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NDP Quebec

"It’s clear that we’ve got a lot of work to do in the province."
The NDP leader was campaigning in sovereigntist territory Tuesday.
He hopes Bill 62 is struck down by the courts.
One candidate sent a press release, on NDP letterhead, arguing women must identify themselves during the oath of citizenship.
Too Close To Call's Bryan Breguet takes a look at the NDP's chances in "la belle province" — and what could unseat them.
Béatrice Zako, the Montreal NDP candidate selected Thursday to go head-to-head against Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau in the Papineau riding, has since stepped aside.
A Quebec NDP MP went on French-language TV to say the party is "totally uncomfortable" with the niqab
The only scenario in which the NDP may be organised and stable enough to enter the Québec fray would be if it were to win consecutive mega majorities federally. That would bring us to 2023. This is neither a sustainable nor a realistic political alternative.
OTTAWA – The NDP is defending its use of taxpayer money to send mass mailings to hundreds of thousands of homes in advance
Can the Liberals survive as a third party? Liberals can no longer claim to be the natural governing party, nor to have the same ability to garner wealthy donors or those seeking connections. Liberals cannot coast by on "we win elections," "we're not Harper," or be the "everything to everyone" party. The Liberals face a tough political environment, with the NDP trying to crowd them out, and with their own return to power far from certain. A compelling message and clear ideals to attract support is key. Liberals cannot pine for a messiah.
A March Leger Marketing poll found that 45 per cent of Quebecers responded that they would prefer that Quebec become an independent country. If that figure accurately reflects how Quebecers will vote in the next sovereignty referendum, it is 90 per cent of the way to 50 per cent plus one vote.
Over the weekend I attended an official NDP leadership debate in Montreal and two candidates took time to reaffirm their support for Quebec sovereignty. Either these New Democrats really mean what they say -- in which case they are dangerous -- or they don't, and hence don't deserve the support of Canadians for lying about their beliefs on the quintessential issue of national unity. Take your pick.
For the first time since the 2011 federal election the New Democrats have fallen into second place in Quebec, according to
The NDP nosedive in Quebec shows no signs of slowing down. With a steep drop in support among francophones, the New Democrats
With an election years away, polls provide a reflection of what Canadians are thinking but have little bearing on what happens
If a federal election were held today, Stephen Harper’s Tories would be reduced to a minority government and the Liberals
Quebec's flirtation with the NDP will soon turn sour, leaving the Tories to fill the vacuum as the province's federal party
On many issues, the nominally federalist NDP are nearly as nationalist as the overtly separatist BQ — including on matters
Jack Layton can avoid a 'one-night stand' with Quebec voters and build his base in the province by sticking to core social