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Nestle bottled water

Starting Aug. 1, water bottlers will pay $503.71 for every million litres of groundwater, compared to the previous fee of $3.71.
You can think of adjoining aquifers like adjoining swimming pools. Take the water from one and you don't affect the next. So the operation of the Nestlé plant in Hope no way affects the larger water supply of the Fraser Valley or the even larger water supply of the Lower Mainland.
I have just returned from a week in Switzerland to promote the right to water and to challenge the Swiss bottled water giant, Nestlé. Given that the marketing department of Nestlé has a larger annual budget than the World Health Organization, it is widely understood that the company has great political influence. This is a disaster in a world where demand for water is outstripping supply at an accelerating rate. Nestlé's goal is to shift government policy away from providing public municipal water supplies to people, and toward a dependency on bottled water to provide basic drinking water.