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net neutrality

The evidence suggests piracy is not hurting Canadian producers the way Bell's coalition would have you believe.
This provides a modern solution to promote the free flow of legal content in Canada, while making it harder for piracy sites to cause harm.
Whether Ajit Pai's right or wrong, there's no excuse for racism or xenophobia.
The commission voted 3-2 in favour of repealing.
Let's hope for a victory over Ajit Pai's FCC order. But let's not forget to plan for the other battles we'll be fighting — in both Canada and the U.S.
A proposed agency tasked with censoring piracy websites would have no judicial oversight, a critic warns.
Jean-Pierre Blais had some direct words for the CBC as well.
Canadian content depends upon a level playing field against the large intermediaries such as the major ISPs that often control both carriage and content. That has not changed over the past eight years. If anything, a level playing field is more important.
The service may also run into problems with Canada's net neutrality rules.
The ability to offer a price is itself a form of communication, if not of speech. The freedom to differentiate product, service and price is at the heart of a market economy. Courts in Netherlands, Sweden, and Slovenia have struck down restrictions on zero rating. For the most part, the world's telecom regulators are permissive, if not encouraging, of a practice that creates competition and allows different people to meet their needs at different price points. The CRTC is going in the opposite direction of the world's telecom regulators; it seems to believe that it knows better than the user herself.