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net worth

But a lack of up-to-date data means we don’t know what’s happening with the lower-income Canadians who lost work this year.
Priced out of the housing market, some young Canadians are turning to other kinds of investments.
New Canadians put more of their eggs in the real estate basket, which comes with risk.
Household debt is on the rise, but probably not for much longer.
Debt loads growing faster than incomes, but not as fast as wealth Toronto unseats Vancouver as second-richest city Retirement
Net worth: $459, 231 Montreal has the lowest net worth among major Canadian cities, and it grew a relatively paltry 2.9 per
Canadians have many reasons to celebrate as their nation turns 148 years old tomorrow. They can even feel a bit of pride in an area that normally provides a healthy dose of shame in the headlines: personal finance. Let's take a look at a list of Canadian financial accomplishments along with lessons we can use to help us become the True North, Strong and Debt-Free.
Wealth inequality widened in Canada between 1999 and 2012, according to new data from Statistics Canada. Although all income
Canadians might be setting themselves up for a bright future and a comfortable retirement. But how are they going to pay the bills today? What about pressing expenses that are stretching budgets thin today? I would pump the breaks before we get into the territory of feeling financially bulletproof.
Canadian households' net worth jumped by 7.7 per cent on average over the past year, mostly due to rising house prices and
A new report on Canadian finances shows the rich have nearly doubled their net wealth over the span of 13 years while the
For the first time in recent history, Canadians are richer than Americans, but a new report suggests this situation may not
Twitter is alive with chatter this week about how Canadians are now reportedly richer than Americans. Recently-released data