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Powerful, self-aware people are those who nurture a conversation versus dominating it.
Networking in a small city can be much more challenging than in bigger cities such as Toronto or Vancouver
Most of the time you will have wasted your valuable time and energy that could have been spent elsewhere.
All too often candidates view the hiring process as successful only if they land the job.
And maybe, just maybe, when your new friends hear about a job opportunity, they'll think of you.
Are you shy in social situations? Do you get nervous about the thought of attending a professional social situation where you don't know anyone? You may never love entering a room and not knowing a soul, but at least you are willing to do something about it!
LinkedIn is being corroded by the abuse of this feature. It's not intended to be used as nonchalantly as Facebook likes. Its purpose is to provide a professional, legitimate endorsement of someone for whom you would actually write a recommendation letter.
Before you walk through the door, however, create a target for how many new connections you plan to make. Perhaps push yourself to meet 10 new contacts, or exchange 20 business cards. Are you hesitant to approach someone you do not know? Consider asking questions to break the ice.
This week I was on a panel at a professional association to talk about business networking. In my mind business networking
Your time is the biggest resource that you have. How you manage it, is the value you offer your organization. Being productive is important and this is often measured by management in the output you document in performance reviews. What doesn't get documented however is the way you achieved those results.