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On this episode: The cost of living (sort of, kind of) goes down in Toronto and Vancouver, and fans of Schitt's Creek descend on a tiny town to celebrate their favourite TV show.
On this episode: Why Nunavut could be facing Canada's biggest housing crisis, and Manitoba gets crowned as the Slurpee Capital of the World. Again.
On this episode: A new poll finds most Canadians feel politicians "can't be trusted," and an Air Canada passenger claims the airline refused to act after she became the target of racist comments.
On this episode: How a two-spirit powwow dancer is pushing through gender norms and roles.
On this episode: How Donald Trump could be partly to blame for higher food prices north of the border, and Canada's man in space prepares to come home.
On this episode: Western University apologizes for comments made during its convocation, and a new ranking of the world's best universities puts two Canadian schools in its top 50.
On this episode: Canada declares a climate change emergency, and a new study finds debt repayments are eating up a record share of Canadians' income.
On this episode: Thank you for calling Toronto. The city is busy right now, but will return your call soon. Maybe.
On this episode: The Toronto Raptors make history, electrifying fans across the whole country.
On this episode: Rogers offers its first-ever "unlimited" plan (with a catch), and a look at some of the plastic items that could soon be banned by the federal government.