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nigel wright

Mike Duffy won. Two and a half years after warning Canadians he "violated no laws" and "followed the rules," the senator from Prince Edward Island was vindicated Thursday when an Ontario court judge acquitted him of all 31 charges laid against him. What's more, Justice Charles Vaillancourt sided with Duffy. It was he, the Old Duff, not the Prime Minister's Office, the judge said, who had been the victim of a "mindboggling and shocking" series of events. Duffy's "free will" had been "overwhelmed" and he had "capitulated" as a result of the PMO's -- Prime Minister Stephen Harper's office, that is, -- "threatening efforts," the judge said.
Kenney, Van Loan exit through back doors, while Rempel offered only a "no comment."
Shots fired.
"I wonder if you can elaborate. What did he say to you and why do you believe him?"
Only in Canada would paying money back to the government qualify as a scandal. But a scandal it is. It takes a special combination of incompetence and lack of ethics to convert a comparably innocuous act into a potentially fatal political scandal.
"When people are working for me, they have my confidence."
The Crown charged that the questioning from Duffy's lawyer was "politically motivated."
Says Harper's former top spokesperson: "To the people booing reporters: they're doing their job."
Wright testified that he communicated with Ray Novak two weeks ago through BlackBerry messenger.
Nigel Wright was grilled by Duffy's lawyer, and revealed several interesting and significant details.