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niqab debate

David Johnston says Canada showed its true colours during the niqab debate and in its response to the Syrian refugee crisis.
A brief explainer about what the Islamic practice means.
A recent conversation with my 88-year-old mother leads me to ask my fellow Canadians, isn't it time we all lifted the veil?
When I first started wearing a hijab about four years ago, I remember people asking me, "Aren't you afraid?" But I told them I wasn't going to be intimidated. While I don't wear the niqab, I feel as a hijabi that every word Stephen Harper utters against it is targeted to me personally. Telling women what to wear is a slippery slope, it has always been. I know it's only a matter of time until Harper declares wearing a hijab a "barbaric cultural practice." As Harper uses the niqab debate as a political weapon, and as we say the practice makes us uncomfortable and call it strange, let's not forget Harper's words and our own are hurting real women.
The man said he was there to make a point about the niqab.
And now she can vote.
Niqab-wearing Canadians aren't the only ones covering their faces.
“If we want to have a conversation about the status of women in this country, let’s have that conversation. Let’s talk about murdered and missing aboriginal women.”
Just two women have ruled out taking the oath because of the niqab ban.
"... beneath the dignity of a Canadian prime minister."