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non mortgage debt

The Bank of Canada says Canadians' debt is getting riskier, but delinquencies are falling.
Credit bureau TransUnion warned us this would happen.
And it's not just mortgages.
But a majority are actually reducing their debt.
There is "a gradual shift" to riskier borrowers in Canada.
Picking the right credit card “can be a powerful financial tool,” according to interest rate comparison site RateSupermarket
Canadians’ debt loads have grown 21 per cent in the past year, and more consumers are running into the red, according to
In a country that prides itself on its social safety net, one could argue that the current personal debt story is really a story of an endangered future for the things we hold dear as a society. Will debt-ridden Canadians be supportive at election time of paying more in taxes to maintain universal health care?