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Skim milk may not be having the effect you expect.
Canada has toppled 151 countries in the wellness war, according to a new index.
In Traditional Chinese Medicine, red ginseng root has been used as a means to maintain health and possibly keep the pounds off
Plus-size model Tess Holliday is featured on Cosmopolitan U.K.'s October issue.
Instead of simply telling people to spend more time exercising, we can incorporate it into their everyday lives.
In human nutritional sciences, there seems to be a narrative for every diet, and for each diet, an army of believers.
This technique may one day improve our lives and potentially help us to correct and possibly cure diseases.
It seems (Health Canada's) 'consultation' is nothing more than a rubber stamp for public measures to protect us from ourselves.
All sorts of marketing to children is manipulative and unethical. The response should be straightforward: end all of it. Such prohibitions will not be without complications. There will be enforcement issues. But such complexities can be addressed. For the moment, let's get started. Let's send a strong message to corporate Canada.
There's little doubt white bread has become a symbol of poor health choices. For years, a war against the loaves has been waged in the hopes of convincing people to avoid intake. Canadians have been warned against even daring to eat this staple of Western life.