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Immigration may not return to pre-pandemic normals anytime soon, and that could have an impact on Canada.
He resigned as Canada’s finance minister in August amid the WE Charity controversy.
A new ranking says Canada has one of the best retirement plans around, but there may be a debt-related downside.
Canadians are more likely than average to support a tax hike on the rich.
Jobs are booming all over the world. So where's the wage growth we normally see in times like these?
And families with children are paying much, much less than Americans.
In Angel Gurria we have one of the world's most influential economists urging dramatic climate action, including a higher, and rising, price on carbon.
When it comes to debt, what goes up must be paid down.
By Liam Swiss In January 2017, a High Level Panel report on the OECD's Development Assistance Committee (DAC) recommended
Canada ranks behind Poland, ahead of Chile on mobile subscriptions.
Canada will see 300 deaths, $1.6 billion in costs by 2060.
Yes folks, we’ve become the Luke Skywalker of the world economy.
Left out of its December release -- announcing the awarding of the $1.75 billion contract -- was any mention of collusion and bid-rigging by Korean-based Samsung C&T; the ongoing investigation by a Spanish magistrate and anti-corruption prosecutors into "allegations of misappropriation of public funds, falsifying documents and money laundering" at Acciona; and liquidity issues at Petrowest.
It is hard to know exactly how much money is hidden in tax havens or passed through elaborate BEPS schemes, but some estimates range from $21 trillion to $32 trillion U.S. Rather than throwing in the towel, governments could make an earnest effort to tighten their domestic regulations and continue to pursue multilateral initiatives aimed at combating tax evasion.
Top earners are under-reporting their incomes.
In its throne speech Friday, Canada’s new Liberal government promised to “work with the provinces and territories to make
With all the acrimony between teachers and provincial governments lately, particularly in Ontario, it may be worth taking
Unfortunately, South Korea still has a long way to go in terms of females getting opportunities in leadership positions. The number of female politicians in South Korea is 49 out of 300 members of parliament and South Korea had a 37.4 per cent gender wage gap, which was the largest gap among OECD countries in 2014..
Since gender equality is one of the most important issues in terms of sustainable and healthy growth, Turkey has launched a new engagement group, Women20 (W20), which will concentrate on enhancing the role and increasing the participation of women in business. In addition to gender equality, ensuring women have access to financial assets will form the backbone of global growth.
The population in advanced countries is growing at low rates. At the same time, it is also aging. An aging population combined with low population growth rates can have important social and economic policy implications. This may have important effects on economic growth, heath care, pension system and the standard of living in advanced countries.