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oil sands

Canada and Saudi Arabia stood out as the most prolific amongst their economic peers.
Alberta's bitumen can be used to produce carbon fibre for electric vehicles, Little points out.
Liberals are concerned the $20-billion project would undermine a pledge to be net zero by 2050.
Many Canadian oil industry players had pinned their hopes on a Conservative victory.
Too much oil production isn't always a good thing.
Regardless, the autonomous trend is spreading. In July, Imperial Oil announced it will test seven autonomous heavy-haul trucks
This is happening even as Canadian crude sells at prices not seen in the oil markets since the 1990s.
Because apparently the industry can’t just do it on its own.
Get ready for a massive increase in oil-by-rail shipments.
Meanwhile, Canadian taxpayers could be saddled with a larger budget deficit, IEEFA predicts.
As an oil exporting country, we stand to gain. But as a country that does a lot of driving, we risk pain.
The multibillion-dollar question: where does our economic future lie?
U.S. banks and pension funds may pull out of the oilsands, but it's hard to see local institutions doing the same.
Environmental groups' pressure campaign on banks is beginning to pay off.
A perfect storm of events has Canadian oil trading at its deepest discount in four years.
If we stop now, then other countries — often far less focused on human rights and the environment — will be happy to take our place.
Instead of trying to diversify Alberta's economy according to the global markets of the 21st century, Mr. Kenney is trying to find a scapegoat.
Low prices and U.S competition are forcing the oilsands to retrench.