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Omar Alghabra

The Bloc leader defended his unsubstantiated queries as “legitimate questions.”
Marc Garneau moves to foreign affairs, François-Philippe Champagne becomes industry minister, and Omar Alghabra takes over at transport.
"It's very difficult to understand."
Conservative MPs question if Grit supporters wanted electoral reform.
"We don't just want to use a passive wait-and-see approach."
But there was comfort in the wake of the Brussels bombing, too.
Behold the majesty of Kingston, Ont. and its two structures.
Vote — it’s that simple, says The Canadian-Muslim Vote.
One Toronto-area Liberal candidate is hitting back at the federal Conservatives by spoofing the party’s job interview-themed
John Baird did not take kindly to a CBC journalist's question on the conflict in Gaza this week. And, in true Baird fashion
Alghabra's posts caught the attention of a Tory rival who wasted little time denouncing him. In a media release Monday, Conservative
Multiculturalism is not about dwelling on our differences. It is about emphasizing our commonality. Unfortunately that principle gets lost when multiculturalism gets viewed as a foreign phenomenon designed to "tolerate" immigrants. Policies that nurture interaction between the various communities will reduce suspicion and finger-pointing.
Dalton McGuinty's sudden and unexpected resignation comes at a particularly turbulent time in Ontario politics. There is a minority Legislature, sagging poll numbers placing the governing party third behind the Tories and NDP, and a wave of inquiries and corruption allegations. In addition, there is brewing labour unrest with teachers, doctors, and civil servants over proposed wage freezes. In all this, the inevitable question is, with McGuinty's resignation in this turbulent environment, what is his legacy?