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One Direction

Justin Bieber has the answer.
When Harry met Harry, it was a hairy situation (kind of).
Justin Bieber and One Direction both release albums on Nov. 13th, but who wins the style game?
And guess what? It was created by the sister of One Direction's Louis Tomlinson.
It's the same old boy band/girl band story: eventually someone leaves or goes solo, destroying the perfectly constructed
One Direction is the preeminent boy band of the moment, with last fall's album "FOUR" breaking Billboard records as their
One Direction singer Zayn Malik posted a tweet that is causing international headlines this morning regarding the crisis
Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson have been caught on camera joking about drugs and seemingly smoking a marijuana cigarette
Miley Cyrus pretty much owned 2013, landing the year's two most-watched music videos, dominating the pop cultural conversation
Little girls love boy bands, but little girls can't go to boy band concerts alone. It is a dilemma that has plagued dads
For as long as freshly-scrubbed boys have been assembled into crack singing units designed to conquer the hearts and wallets
The Nielsen Company and Billboard released its year-end report for the Canadian music industry this afternoon, one which
You've seen lists of the best covers, the best YouTube videos, and even the best songs and albums. But when will you finally
Power Rankings have been rating sports teams throughout their seasons for years based on statistical analysis, momentum and
When my friend got over the Spice Girls, I was crushed. Not only did the Spice Girls represent something I wanted desperately to be a part of (a group of friends, to begin with), but our love of the band was something we shared. True, neither of us was popular, and our obsession with the Fab Five seemed completely insane, but we were in it together. And then all of a sudden it wasn't "cool."