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online bullying

I'm here to tell you that I'm not playing along. If my talking openly about being vulnerable makes you feel uncomfortable, then tough shit.
As a child and family therapist I have been assisting parents in having difficult conversations with their children on a variety of topics. As a parent I have had to have these same conversations with my own children.
Things move at such a drunken, furious pace in the social media world that Trump's own press secretary cited this tragedy as proof that a ban on Muslim countries was sensible. Of course, this was still when a witness was being reported as the suspect. And by "suspect" I mean "guilty terrorist," naturally.
Recently, I was fortunate enough to speak with Jennifer Murdoch, Associate VP, Counselling Operations, Counselling, Kids Help Phone. Jennifer shared with me more details on exactly what bullying is, and how you can help a young person you suspect may be being bullied.
Don't judge someone's highlight reel until you've seen the blood, sweat and tears it took them to get there. Don't react to someone's success when you can choose to be inspired by their example. Because here's the truth behind the glossy photographs: We all have a story.
Everyone is struggling and the cure isn't going to come from a Google suggestion. The conversations we are having now are important, especially when talking to teens about Internet use. For the teens that struggle with mental illness, however, this conversation is potentially life saving.
We #StandWithLeslie.
Heterosexist Muslims bring shame to themselves and their faith communities when they copy-paste verses and exegeses without an iota of tadabbur (reflection). In spouting off angrily, they completely ignore the call of the Qur'an to dialogue with best manners.
Go ahead and present me in a calm, polite way with evidence against my viewpoint, and I will read it with an open mind. I will happily engage in civil conversation with someone who doesn't agree with my take on something, because that sort of discourse helps my practice by teaching me about other perspectives.
A Calgary father is threatening to sue someone who used a social networking app to post nasty comments about his teenage