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Online Learning

"We began to venture into the wilderness regularly, opting out of the Zooms and classwork entirely."
For 11 years, he had been playing in-person chess games nonstop.
Students moved in on Aug. 10, switched to online courses Monday and now most have to leave campus entirely.
“I don’t know if professors have thought about people like me," one community college student said.
Since I have presented the Matrix of Social Evolution in much more detail elsewhere, allow me here to stick to its essence
Good news! American universities are the best, or among the best, universities in the world – according to American university
Do you think that cyber-education is just kind of creepy, with students sitting alone in the glow of a computer screen, navigating
There’s a lot of banter about the substance and character of the 105th Congress. Perhaps because it’s led by one party, and
Grades never really have been a sufficient metric for measuring intelligence or predicting success.
It’s enlightening to watch what issues surface when the subject of the faculty arises. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, whose
By: Andrew Sutherland Pioneers for Change is a seed-bed for innovative thought. An activator of personal potential. A catalyst
First, mastery-learning will become much more mainstream. It is an old idea that you shouldn't have to learn a more advanced
Do you have data to share about the effectiveness of your platform? What are the main challenges? Our community of learners
Youtube This is the information age and technology has given the world access to nearly everything they may want to know
Curio No. 1202 | Effort is (sort of) everything (SMC #4) Do you find yourself shying away from professional opportunities
As many students continue to work with the same teachers, the teachers themselves become invested in the success of their