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George McMahon and Alphonse Dorval are two of the thousands of Ontarians who died late in the second wave.
They're being accused of being the "epitome of elephant exploitation."
Carly Stasko has made outdoor dancing her pandemic hobby.
People with a recent history of homelessness are 20 times more likely to be hospitalized from COVID-19.
Alberta and Quebec are starting to vaccinate the general population, which won’t happen in Ontario until March 15.
Ontario now has a more detailed rollout plan, with sign-ups starting March 15.
Modelling shows cases and deaths are likely to rise — and it’s all because of the U.K. variant, officials said.
The NHL is submitting a list of restaurants, bars and gyms it wants to use.
A nurse was also asked to vaccinate “family members and friends of several managers,” the union says.
With a gaping void of trust between Indigenous communities and the government — chiefs, MPPs, and other leaders are stepping in.