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ontario education

There’s “no doubt” online learning is a challenge for students who have autism.
This generation faces the real possibility of being worse off than the generation before them.
I want to clarify some of the misinformation coming from the minister of education
Ontario's plan for the sex-ed curriculum fails to meet the rights and needs of kids
These students have never been without their phones, we need to hear their concerns so that we can find solutions
Short-term-thinking Conservative politicians across Canada are selling young people short
It won't be easy to implement any of these recommendations. The educational establishment will fight every step of the way.
Students at schools with median family incomes exceeding $150,000 per year are most likely to meet provincial math standards. What about everyone else?
A quarter of survey respondents indicated they were asked to keep their child home during a field trip because the school couldn't provide proper supports.
Currently, the public education system in Ontario seems more focused on looking good to the public than actually being the best it can be for the children. Ontario should look to Finland. They are now doing something right, but they weren't always #1 in education. In the 1970s they made a conscious systemic decision to focus on learning rather than performance.