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ontario election

In responding to the Superior Court judge's ruling, Ford harkened back to a popular right-wing argument in the post-Charter era.
Doug Ford's campaign for premier evokes the same underlying logic used by his brother, Rob Ford, as mayor.
Ford’s alleged dog whistles and connections to the far-right will further embolden white supremacists and normalize hatred.
One is the daughter of a prime minister, while another's brother aspires to be one.
"I tell ya, I'm just getting chills talking about him right now."
Polls tell us that Ontarians do not want a Liberal government, and that most ridings are now a battleground between the Conservatives and NDP.
Declaring Ontario a sanctuary province would allow us to save on avoidable costs to the system while doing the right thing.
The best case outcome for the Liberals now is for the Conservatives to win, so the NDP doesn't become legitimized in government.
If the message is very general, and no reform can come from it, what is the point?