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Ontario Election 2018

The current premier said he had the "utmost respect" for the former Liberal premier.
“... I could never get upset with the former premier, because she’s walked a mile in my shoes,” Ford said.
"I think it’s time for renewal as opposed to somebody of my age coming in."
Premier Doug Ford's government will unveil its first big economic update since taking office in June.
Far from progressive public policy, it has been tax cuts and austerity that has prevailed in Ontario over the last decade.
"The shooter is dead but that will not delay or deter us from seeking justice."
The premier-designate says he will participate when police are allowed to march in uniform.
Ford's comments on abortion represent nothing less than an attack on the fundamental right to choice and self-determination.
Premier-elect Ford pledged early and eagerly to end the carbon tax, and give taxpayers money back in their pockets.