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Ontario health care

There is no evaluation system for the vast new restructuring.
The structural issues pervading health care also affect our social assistance system
The communities that lose out in these situations are invariably the smaller ones.
Ontario Premier Doug Ford's solution for ending "hallway medicine" may actually worsen it
From a health care perspective, the Ontario premier has moved quickly and pretty fairly
Election-cycle planning is utterly inadequate to meet the needs of Ontario's patients, which exceed a single government's lifespan by decades.
Resorting to alternative facts can't hide that Eric Hoskins' tenure has been disastrous for Ontario health care.
There seems to be no end to the crises: A crisis occurs. Public outcry. The provincial government scrambles. And then the dust settles until the next one.
Part of the problem is that when there are so many bureaucrats, we get a phenomenon referred to as "circling back."
Starting January 1, 2018, Ontarians age 24 and under will be able to get prescribed medications for free.