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ontario sex ed changes

Alyson Schafer addresses parents' concerns and explains why the sex-ed changes are good for our kids.
A cabinet minister who said something racist or homophobic would almost certainly be fired. The same should hold true for a shadow cabinet member. If the Conservatives at Queen's Park are serious about being a queer-friendly party, symbolism and slacktivism will not cut it. They should discipline MPP Monte McNaughton for his repeated homophobia, and for breaking caucus policy, which is ostensibly in favour of the new sex-ed curriculum. It is important to note that McNaughton is no backbencher; he has the critic portfolio of international trade. He should be striped of his critic portfolio.
Over the past week in Ontario, thousands of students have been taken out of school by their parents as a protest against
Does your Grade 7 children need to know about anal sex? Do you want their gym teacher to be the one to teach them? Seems
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On Monday, Ontario released a new 2015 Health and Physical Education Curriculum — the first update to the curriculum in 17