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The pull of opioid addiction is strong, but my will to stay present for those I care about is stronger.
A regulated supply of opioid and stimulant drugs is not just a solution to the crisis, but also a human right.
Agencies from Sault Ste. Marie to Brantford are laying off workers as the number of kids who need care mounts.
Providing users with a regulated supply of opioids as an alternative to toxic drugs sold on the black market will save lives.
As the opioid epidemic rages on, some have found friendship, protection and a sense of purpose in an unlikely place.
The grim scene greeted MPPs as they arrived at Queen's Park.
"I don’t think we can just say we didn’t mean anything by it."
A necessity defence could apply to the distribution of cannabis to opioid-addicted adults in the Downtown Eastside.
The death toll from the opioid crisis continues to rise, and we'll never turn the tide if we fail to learn the lessons of epidemics past.