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The Duchess of Cambridge wore a shalwar kameez during her and the Duke of Cambridge's royal tour of Pakistan.
Tensions have reignited in the region between India and Pakistan after India stripped its part of Kashmir of its special status.
Narendra Modi has demonstrated to the world that Kashmir is potentially the most dangerous place on earth, the bestselling Indian author wrote.
The attacks across the Line of Control are the first since 1971.
Today, pottery in Pakistan is a cultural art and is not limited to the traditional pot makers.
I say this after losing friends and family in Peshawar to the violence perpetrated by al-Qaida affiliates.
Residents had been trying to gather fuel from the leaking tanker when it exploded.
There is a story of two brothers who grew up to find a similar barrier between them. As young boys in their parents' home with a shaded courtyard where they played football and did their homework, there had been no India and no Pakistan. Now, all of a sudden, they found themselves as citizens of two different fledgling states.