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pamela wallin

Sen. John Wallace served for eight years.
They're putting their professional backgrounds to use at the Commons' heritage committee studying the state of local media in Canada.
Says Trudeau: "The prime minister is not worthy of our trust."
If charges are approved, she would be the fourth senator — the third appointed by Harper — to face trial.
New Democrats want to defund the upper chamber.
The federal election will put signs on lawns, politicians on buses, and, depending on how things play out in court, suspended
OTTAWA — MPs voted 258 to 13 in favour of a bill that would strip convicted federal politicians of a large part of their
I'll leave it to others to sort through the constitutional implications of what Justin Trudeau did this week. But I want to comment on what Justin's move did for his "brand", because that's my expertise. Trudeau's naysayers attack him as vacuous. He's a nice guy -- but where's the beef? Well, Trudeau just showed substance and leadership.
But while Ford may have sparked headlines and punch-lines around the world, there were plenty of other mayors who disappointed
Between Toronto's mayor who might as well be declared the Buffoon King, freewheeling, self-centred Senators who use taxpayer money as their own personal ATMs and a Prime Minister who would rather prorogue than progress, well, it's a great time to be a Canadian comedian. If it weren't so sad.