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paternity leave

The Montreal Canadiens goalie and the lifestyle blogger are now parents of three.
He's expecting his first child with the Duchess of Sussex this spring.
Dads were open, honest and vocal this year.
A federal benefit program launching next year signals that dads taking time off after a birth is not only normal, it's expected.
To all the dads who are considering taking paternity leave, my advice: grasp this opportunity with both hands, and don't second-guess it for a second.
Glen Wood was fired from Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Co. in April.
Policies have a limited outreach in male-dominated professions, researchers say.
"They wouldn’t invite me to meetings, they wouldn’t look at me, they wouldn’t talk to me.”
Improving the maternity leave system is seen as a crucial way of encouraging women to have children whilst continuing their
I appreciate that the word "mandatory" is off-putting, but the benefits that come with mandatory paternity leave are an incredible web of interwoven and reinforcing benefits -- in terms of improved gender equality, child's health, the valuing of care, as well as greater life happiness and deeper relationships.
Canada's doing a pretty good job when it comes to moms and dads sharing child care responsibilities.
"Extending maternity/parental leave to 18 month[s] will allow parents to care for their children until they are ready to go to daycare."
Extending maternity/parental leave to 18 months doesn't actually solve the problem. It's a ninja turtle Band-Aid that looks cool and will make us feel better until it's peeled off and we are faced with the same bloody daycare crisis. In 2008 UNICEF declared Canada tied for the worst child care out of the world's 25 richest countries. Since then costs have only gone up and access has only gone down. There are available spaces for only one out of every five Canadian kids. It's clearly high time for Canada to build on Quebec's lead and develop a universal child care program that extends across the country just like universal health care, social security and education already do.
Canada is one of only nine OECD countries that does not have a national paid paternity leave.
When it comes to dads, Canada is way behind.
The Canadian propensity for self-aggrandizement is in form these days. It started with the massive coverage of the arrival of Syrian refugees at Pearson International Airport in December. While many were drowning in self-congratulations, all I could think about was a scene from Woody Allen's 1973 film, Sleeper.
A study from the University of California Santa Barbara found some interesting results.