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patrick brazeau

Sen. John Wallace served for eight years.
The embattled senator was hospitalized last month.
Criminal activity is not believed to be a factor.
"I’m many things, but I’m not that."
Quebec Sen. Patrick Brazeau shared a very personal message online Thursday afternoon as the political party leaders geared
New Democrats want to defund the upper chamber.
The federal election will put signs on lawns, politicians on buses, and, depending on how things play out in court, suspended
Patrick Brazeau, the suspended senator facing trial on assault and sexual assault charges, apparently returned to Twitter this week.
The Twitter account formerly used by suspended independent senator Patrick Brazeau has gone Russian. The shift in language
In the early morning hours on Thursday, police responded to a a Gatineau home and landed in the middle of a heated dispute
Suspended Senator Patrick Brazeau is facing new charges after police responded to a domestic incident at his home early Thursday
Don't call it a comeback. Suspended Senator Patrick Brazeau, who two years ago lost a charity boxing match to now-Liberal
Patrick Brazeau, the suspended independent senator at the centre of a fraud case over expense claims, seems to have disappeared
Suspended Senator Patrick Brazeau has landed a new job at an Ottawa strip club. Brazeau was booted out of the red chamber
I'll leave it to others to sort through the constitutional implications of what Justin Trudeau did this week. But I want to comment on what Justin's move did for his "brand", because that's my expertise. Trudeau's naysayers attack him as vacuous. He's a nice guy -- but where's the beef? Well, Trudeau just showed substance and leadership.
Brazeau landed the gig after daring several media organizations in November to give him a shot. After he was hired, Douglas
Others were less forgiving: It's all a long way from Brazeau's earlier bravado about his reporting chops: Patrick Brazeau
But while Ford may have sparked headlines and punch-lines around the world, there were plenty of other mayors who disappointed
Patrick Brazeau has a new job. The independent senator, who just last month was suspended from the upper chamber and stripped