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paul calandra

Premier Doug Ford’s energy minister said he believes climate change is caused by human activity after refusing to do so an hour earlier.
Jeers returned to Ontario’s legislature eight days after Premier Doug Ford’s government opened the session promising a calm new tone.
"Obviously, I was very controversial."
You may remember Paul Calandra from his question period musings about lemonade stands.
The Tory candidate was "clearly running scared," Critch said. "I don't even think of it as a political thing,'' Critch said
"Schoolyard bully."
Paul Calandra is back to answering questions with counterattacks.
It's a blue Christmas. On Wednesday, Conservative MP Paul Calandra posted a YouTube video of Tory caucus members — including
Conservative MP Paul Calandra fought back tears in the House of Commons Friday as he apologized to NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair
It's been a strange week for Paul Calandra. On Tuesday, the Conservative MP for the Ontario riding of Oak Ridges —Markham
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Mulcair made the biggest blunder in the exchange at Tuesday's Question Period. His frustration in his inability to get the government to respond is understandable, but as the rules currently dictate, the Speaker was enforcing the rules of Parliament. Mulcair's criticism of the Speaker in this scenario is thus akin to disrespecting the institution of Parliament itself.
Why provide details about Canada's military mission in Iraq when you can just accuse your questioner of failing to support
Another Conservative MP has come forward with a story of an alleged attempt to tamper with a federal election. And once again
There's a new smell coming out of Ottawa these days and, according to the Rick Mercer Report, it's Paul Calandra's obfuscation
Tory MP Paul Calandra has been the butt of more than a few jokes due to his performance in question period since Parliament
Let's be clear, Conservative MP Paul Calandra is awfully busy these days. For weeks now, the parliamentary secretary to the
It's early in the new session of Parliament but Tory MP Paul Calandra may have unleashed the strangest and most enthusiastic
Tory MP Paul Calandra apologized to Canada's first astronaut on Monday for an insult he says crossed the line. Calandra, parliamentary