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Pemberton was scheduled to run from July 13 to 16.
It has been a stressful summer with a seemingly non-stop barrage of police shootings and shot police, terror attacks and terrible Trump. Even during the ride up to the Burl's Creek event grounds, there was the mass shooting in Munich. The world right now is a scary place, and WayHome provided refuge.
Three ice climbers who were reported missing have been found dead on Joffre Mountain near Pemberton, B.C. Whistler RCMP and
Both literal and figurative rain clouds hovered over B.C.'s Pemberton Music Festival, but it didn't stop the event from raging on with everything it had.
As police continue to investigate a "suspicious death" at the Pemberton Music Festival, organizers are already planning for
The Pemberton Music Festival will go on as planned, while the RCMP continues to investigate the death of a 21-year-old attendee
Follow Us On Twitter Also on HuffPost Various photos posted on Twitter show yellow crime tape around some porta-potties located
I've been to my fair share or festivals and campgrounds and over the years, and I've learned a few things about what to bring (the lifesavers) and what to leave at home. Here's what I plan to bring.
A Canadian woman who was injured in a skydiving accident in the U.S. is being flown home, but she owes $500,000 for her American
Pemberton, B.C., the little town about 35 kilometres north of Whistler that looks like the set of a Roy Rogers picture, has