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Peter Goldring

Peter Goldring called the claims "ridiculous."
Peter Goldring allegedly bugged campaign computers in 2011 to hack into someone's private accounts.
Peter Goldring, known for packing a spy pen in his suit pocket, wants to make body-worn cameras mandatory for all police
A Conservative MP is warning his colleagues about the dangers of "consorting without protection" in the wake of harassment
Ottawa says it sees no benefit in annexing the Caribbean islands of Turks and Caicos. In an email Saturday, Foreign Affairs
A long-time Tory MP is a member of a group urging Prime Minister Stephen Harper to get involved in the Quebec election or
OTTAWA — Conservative MP Peter Goldring wants the Governor General of Canada to disallow motions from his own government
A long-shot bid to have tropical paradise Turks and Caicos become Canada’s 11th province appears to have suffered a huge
Picture a tropical paradise with majestic, turquoise waters, gorgeous beaches and arching palm trees. Nice, right? Now, imagine
A provincial court judge ruled Peter Goldring didn't intend to avoid taking a breath test, but was simply asking the police
It is musical chairs in the chamber once again. A new seating chart was circulated Monday morning showing former NDP MP Lise