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Max the cat has helped Spike the dog get around. Now, the pair are looking for a new home.
And their new cocker spaniel has a family connection.
Walking your dog and walking your adult male partner like a dog are not the same thing.
They said the nine-year-old English cocker spaniel was "at the heart" of their family.
The singer and his girlfriend Camila Cabello picked a good time to get a new dog.
What you need to consider if you're thinking about getting a pandemic puppy.
Experts worry leishmania parasites could find a foothold in North America.
Everyone in Meatball's Cape Breton hometown adores this happy piglet.
Calls to humane societies have tripled as pet owners look for help dealing with the COVID-19 crisis.
You may just encounter one this holiday season, if you're lucky.
A lot of people are also naming their dogs after ‘Paw Patrol’ characters.
The dog, now named Serenity, and the five kittens are now safe in Chatham-Kent, Ontario.
He can't wag it but can show others that being special is awesome.
Just imagine how cute your dog would look dressed up as Beetlejuice or a banana.
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