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Ford's comments on abortion represent nothing less than an attack on the fundamental right to choice and self-determination.
Why do the Liberals keep using the same tactics that have failed the patients of Ontario so spectacularly over the past four years?
After spending most of my adult life in the United States, the country's travel ban has me asking: "Do we belong here?"
Hyperbole in negotiations and politics is nothing new, but what is it that these doctors are hoping to achieve through these tactics?
It's naïve for Canadians to believe these proposed tax changes are going to have no effect on them.
Politicians simply assume that doctors will always be there to do the work, no matter the working conditions
We undervalue the systemic factors that influence how many patients receive an opioid prescription, and without an appreciation of those factors this crisis cannot be solved.
Currently, the Hoskins/Bell legacy is not a pretty one. It's one of internecine disputes with doctors, laid-off nurses, hospital deficits, patients in stretchers for days and egregious wait times. At least with family medicine, they have an opportunity to begin to correct this mess.
I can see that we are once again heading for the same situation as the late 1990s/early 2000s, when many medical trainees stopped going into comprehensive family medicine. The reasons then were due to increased workload, better opportunities in other specialties and an extremely poor relationship with the government of the day. To suggest that there was a crisis in family medicine would be dramatically understating the issue.
Services like surgery and obstetrics are being packed up and moved wholesale to urban centres, forcing rural patients to travel long distances to access care. You might think that urban hospitals are the winners in this equation. Unfortunately, this is not the case.