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Pierre Trudeau

The prime minister was also asked at the Reuters Next conference if he sees Chrystia Freeland as his potential successor.
The prime minister won't have an easy time putting together his next cabinet.
The Order of Canada recipient was a Montreal Greek community institution, and late Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau's closest friend.
The earlier Trudeau-Benson experience should inform today's initiative.
They remain thankful to be living in a country where their rights are safeguarded by the courts and by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
The tone of the questioning can range from being sympathetic to hostile to anything in between. This is why the PM's town hall tour raised so many eyebrows. In an age when a viral social media post can derail a career, most politicians avoid these sorts of high-wire acts like the plague.
Spicer, at 45 years of age, is no neophyte. He has served as press secretary to four Republican Congressmen. In short, he should know better. At a minimum, he should have known that he'd have about as much chance controlling his own destiny in a twitter-mad Trump White House as did those monkeys the Americans used to send into space to test the Mercury space capsules. Meaning none.
It was then, right then, that the United States of America died. When you can let 20 six- and seven-year-olds be murdered, and do nothing to prevent it from happening ever again, you cease to be a country. You cease to be a people worthy of the name.