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Commenters are giving her a good reason to be more than a little displeased.
We know you were wondering about Jason Momoa's scrunchie.
"Are you who I read about on the news?" Pink asked.
What your daughter "sees" in the mirror and reality can often be at counterpoint.
The five-year-old is looking more and more like mom.
The singer's son was born on Dec. 26.
Photo by Hannah Alper One of my favourite parts of the day happened just after my presentation - Tanabatas. I had never heard
A socially conscious choice.
Pink is not just for little girls anymore. Although it still evokes cotton candy, summer days and everything that is pretty, these new grown up pinks are ultra feminine and wonderfully romantic. This is high impact statement that screams pretty.
We women face unnecessary scrutiny regarding our bodies. Those who weight-shame will often use the excuse that they are just concerned about our health; but rather, it stems from paternal, controlling judgement. We need to love the woman in the mirror, to embrace our individuality and celebrate our unique selves.
To be happy not only with the squishy parts of my body but also to simply have so much self-worth that happiness is not directly correlated to my efforts to control my weight is such a foreign concept, and yet, I can't help but feel envy for those who, like Pink, do not rely on their daily caloric intake for their sense of identity.
"I wish everyone was forced to learn the horrors that these animals go through for fashion trends."
2014 was most definitely the year to bow down to Beyoncé, at least according to Forbes. The financial magazine's website

Being a gigantically successful rock, pop or hip-hop star seems like a pretty cushy gig. We're talking world tours, fancy
Everybody's favourite merry Marvel mutants The X-Men are gearing up to make their big return to movie theatres this week
Pink is allegedly pregnant with her second child according to reports. The singer already has one daughter, two-year-old