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plane crash

Capt. Jenn Casey died and Capt. Richard MacDougall was seriously hurt.
Authorities say there will be an investigation after Americans died.
Flight 752 crashed shortly after takeoff, killing all 176 people on board.
For me, reuniting with the families closes an enormous circle — a huge circle that started amid chaos and painfulness. It's a day I will never forget.
She was a "very attentive mother, kind, helpful," said a friend.
The first morning at home, I stepped onto our scale and learned that I had lost twenty-five pounds. This was undoubtedly the result of two months without real food and exercise, added to the damage done by the severe burns. I realized from that first day that my number-one priority, for as long as it took, had to be my healing. I had to put me first. It felt like a strange and egocentric view and, I would like to believe, not my usual way of thinking, but the reality was stark and clear. If I did not recover, my life would be miserable and I would be of little use to anyone.
Fear of flying is a common fear that many people struggle with. In my work as a therapist I have assisted several people develop coping strategies when it comes to flying. The main rule is "do not let fear stop you." Anxiety is natural, but when we give into fear it only gets worse. Here are a few tips any flyer can use: