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premature babies

New hospital rules have separated some parents from their newborns in the NICU, but they're finding ways to stay connected.
She was born early, but her parents say she's getting stronger.
Their insurance company only covered the mother's care — not the baby's.
My thumb covered his entire hand. There he was, my brand new nephew -- yet it was heartbreaking to see him for the first time. Tubes and wires surrounded Aidan's tiny body as he lay in his incubator. Weighing only 1.96 pounds, he was fighting for his life.
At the birth of their child, most parents would be elated. My mom and dad were terrified. I weighed two pounds and two ounces. My parents were shocked and confused. They didn't know babies could survive and develop well having been so small at birth. As it turns out, I was full of surprises.
November 17 marks World Prematurity Day.
For me and Ellie, who was born at term, kangaroo mother care worked to calm us both down and kick-start our breastfeeding journey. But for moms who don't have access to a hospital, it can take the place of a life-saving incubator. Kangaroo mother care can literally be the difference between life and death for a baby.
Preemie babies make feisty kids! They come into this world fighting for every breath. They struggle to survive each day and they work hard at simply growing one gram at a time. By the time my preemie twins could walk and talk they were ready to take on the world and tell everyone who's boss. They're strong willed and have proven that nothing and no one will stop them.
“This album shows portraits of people born prematurely that have sometimes had a difficult journey at the beginning of life. You can see what they have become.”