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pride parade

The Conservative leader also discussed abortion on “Tout le monde en parle.”
... as they say, "Better late than never."
Kristy Fournier says she handed out around 100 notes to people.
The march brought lesbians and their allies to the streets.
A question about whether pride is 'sexualized' got a lot of people talking.
The chance of rain didn't stop anyone from having a good time.
Toronto Pride has come so far!
Alex Sangha proudly marched in the parade wearing traditional Indian attire.
“This is the year for Surrey coming alive with LGBTQ community."
Get ready to party!
“We hope to bring awareness and attention to meaningful conversations and engage social actions."
Toronto and pride have a long relationship, and while today it’s largely one of excitement and inclusion, that wasn't always
When the Pride Society, one of the most influential activist organizations in Vancouver's prosperous and politically active gay community, comes knocking, Vision Vancouver, the current rulers at city hall, and the NPA, the loyal opposition, bow down. And when a trumped up "report" goes to council claiming attendance figures so outrageous they deserve their own float in the parade, nobody bats an eye. If a parade eclipses the 400,000 attendee threshold, it qualifies for the maximum amount of money available to civic parades. The Sikhs and the Chinese didn't come close. But according to the Dobrovolny report, the Pride Parade attracts "crowds close to half a million people." Cha-ching.
This past weekend I took my three-year-old-son to Toronto's Pride Parade. It was his second year, because kids love parades, rainbows and fairness. Because the way we move forward is teaching our children to not have ingrained prejudices at all.
Every year in the fair city of Toronto, you’ll notice a sudden spike in exposed washboard abs, pelvic muscles over low hanging
My name is Donald. I am a gay Canadian. But I can talk about subjects that aren't "gay" and for the most part I do. Don't assume all homosexuals are alike or like the same things. And just because you know a homosexual or two doesn't mean you "know" us or me.
Another Canada Day, another successful Pride Parade along the streets of downtown Toronto. As in previous years one of the largest parades of its kind saw hundreds of thousands of people lining the streets. The Parade itself covers less than a mile or two of Toronto's streets but the geography is far less important than the message it sends. It was only 30 years ago this February that Toronto Police raided the city's gay bathhouses, arresting more than 300 innocent men.
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford will likely be doing a few things this weekend, enjoying the outdoors at the cottage, barbecuing with
Woody Allen once said that 80 per cent of success is 'just showing up'. Understanding that in every encounter you may actually learn something is a key to achieving better public policy. So, Mayor Ford -- you belong at Pride.
The only banner I have seen from the Dyke March is one that said "Free Palestine". Do we really want to spend legal fees chasing this one? I suggest we'll spend at least $300,000 trying to prove that there was hate speech at this event.