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Your gut plays a key role in the overall health of your body.
If you are thinking of going the probiotic route to wellness in Canada, there are three things you need to look for in a product.
We've got five fun facts about the vagina right here.
A new study suggests a possible solution to the diarrhea and stomach infections that can accompany a regimen of antibiotics.
The species has been known for over 80 years, although its influence on our oral health has been explored for only about a decade.
It is superior from a nutrition standpoint because it contains many more different strains of live bacteria, compared to the one or two found in yogurt.
The results of a new study reveal a new potential for this bacterium in chicken farming.
We often overlook fermented vegetables as a rich source of good bacteria.
About three decades ago, something devastating happened in Brazil. An infectious disease had struck the cacao trees and threatened to wipe out the population. Some 70% of these plants fell victim to this deadly ailment. The industry faced decimation. Officials tried to stop the progression but it was hopeless. The situation was becoming dire. If something wasn't done, chocolate was surely going to disappear. Researchers went into the fields of Brazil in the hopes of saving one of the most beloved foods on Earth.
"What happens in those first few years of life will influence a child’s health for many years to come."