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Businesses are optimistic about the recovery, but their employees aren’t, a new survey has found.
You don't need to be a morning person to benefit from a morning routine.
Make the case to your boss to get a couch.
No, it's not Trudeau's fault. Long-ignored problems in our economy are starting to bite us.
Taking a nap is far from slacking in an economy that values the quality, not quantity, of work.
It would be good for the environment and our mental health, but there would be risks.
Have a plan There is nothing quite as motivating as making a list (daily, weekly, monthly) of things to be done. Once you've
When you dive back into work after winter break, it's tough to know where to begin, so it's important to get clear on priorities.
Resolutions have a 92 per cent failure rate, according to one study.
It made me happier and healthier, and therefore stronger in all aspects of my life.
Despite a growing interest towards mindfulness, there is still a culture that says to be overburdened and racing for what's next is something to strive for.
We all only have 24 hours in a day. And, for us mamas (and involved papas, too), much of our time is consumed by our little people -- caring for them, feeding them, and everything else they may demand of us. It's a lot to do and if you're working eight or more hours a day outside of the home, there's substantially less time to do it all.
No matter how hard we wish to deny it or change it, life is short. And each of us has so many things we want to do. Yet, there never seems to be enough time. In fact, there is more time than most of us realize; we just waste so much of it.
We always seem to find the time to check in -- but we rarely take the time to check out. So give yourself and your team the freedom to take a total technology blackout and get some unplugged Facetime with your travel companions. Trust me: everything back at the office will be exactly as you left it.
What are your most productive hours? As workspaces change, it's important we enable our employees to be productive when people are productive. If you are a leader - help your team find joy. You will be rewarded with loyal, hard-working, creative team members.
You might be tempted to work from your bed, or sit on the couch while working, but those are places associated with free time and relaxation -- and they should stay that way. Sitting at a desk with a clear workspace puts you in the right state of mind to be productive. Geller suggests having a space in your home set up as an office, devoted solely to work.
For our COO Erik Church, it's a five-hour flight. He lives in Toronto and works in Vancouver, putting 2,000 miles between home and the office. From his perspective, his flights offer him a rare luxury he'd never find at the office: 10 hours a week of focused work, free from interruption. He believes anyone can do the same.
We have been raised all of our lives with the world trying to suppress who we are and telling us who we ought to be to fit in. How bizarre is it that we try to change who we are, to try and fit, versus just being more of ourselves and finding the opportunity that actually fits us?
Look pretty and productive!
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