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You know, the ad you're seeing over and over again.
The beloved House Hippo is here 20 years later to warn about deepfakes.
"Don't You Put It In Your Mouth" will haunt us forever.
You'll understand like never before.
I have enjoyed living and working in Toronto for the past 35 years, calling Blue Jays games across our great country. But I have also enjoyed just as much sharing my story during the month of Movember in hopes of helping other men realize how valuable early detection is in fighting prostate cancer at the most treatable stages.
There is no conclusive evidence that men can prevent prostate cancer but a lot of research is being done to look at diet and physical activity as well as supplementation (for example, with vitamins). The most important thing you can do is yearly screening with a PSA test and DRE after age 50; because although we may not know the most effective ways to prevent prostate cancer now, we know that early detection is key...
Parents, you may want to think about who has their hands in your kids' pockets. A new (and creepy) PSA by France's non-profit
It's almost impossible to watch the above ad without feeling something. At separate points in the newsroom over the past