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quebec city mosque shooting

Justin Trudeau should follow the example of New Zealand's leader by swiftly announcing long overdue bans.
The Trudeau government has yet to act on year-old recommendations that could prevent the next tragedy.
It should be acknowledged matter-of-factly in order for us to begin tackling the complicated parts of it.
An open letter from survivors of gun violence and the families of victims.
With the last candles extinguished, the country will move on. The vigils will end. The cameras will stop rolling. The faces of the victims will disappear from our newsfeeds, though the face of the accused may linger a few weeks longer. And bit by bit, the tragedy will fade from the national memory. This is the familiar script of tragedy.
Please, don't paint us as a racist, intolerant community - it will simply add to the fire we are already battling. Canada is a multicultural and inclusive society, a fact a small part of my province hates. By pushing us all aside and characterizing us all as something we are not, you will increase that resentment.
"It is very cruel for leaders, or even citizens, to say we cannot take in these refugees, we've done enough."
Joël Lightbound warned silence has consequences.