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Quebec Liberal candidate Francine Crevier Bélair resigned Monday, more than two weeks after the writ dropped, after she was
A Quebec Liberal candidate is blaming one of his volunteers for posting comments on Facebook suggesting he was a separatist.
Since the financial meltdown in 2008-09, Quebec has run massive deficits each year. The province is on track to add $53 billion to its total provincial debt -- a 35 per cent increase -- by the end of the year. But in the same period, Ontario under McGuinty and Wynne will add $120 billion to its debt -- a 71 per cent increase.
Well, cross another one off the bucket list, as last Monday I made my debut as a TV political commentator. Given my career path and my reputation, the aforementioned gig seems strange and incongruous. But those who know me know my political passion, especially these days as Quebec and Montreal try to redefine their places in a rapidly-changing world.
Monday night marked a big win for Philippe Couillard's Liberals, and big losses for the Parti Quebecois. Polls leading up
As citizens of the "free world" -- North Americans, at least -- we have a great power bestowed upon us: the right to vote. Yet this basic right is often taken for granted. Understandably, enacting one's support for politicians can be frustrating, but fundamentally they are chosen by us to manage our tax dollars. And listen up: you pay taxes.
A new poll shows Quebec Liberals running neck-and-neck with the governing Parti Québécois as they gather to pick a new leader
Sometimes when you want to know how prudent a political party will be with the taxpayer's dime, it doesn't hurt to consider how prudent they are when it comes to spending their own dime at party headquarters. Compared to their counterparts in other provinces, the B.C. Liberal party spends like there's no tomorrow. And it's spending that increasingly points to something ominous: election campaigns that never end.
Quebec's Liberal Party issued a statement Monday saying forged robocalls have targeted French-speaking voters in the Quebec
The Charest government brought the students to the negotiating table and made concessions to their cause, while simultaneously and ineffectively enforcing the majority non-protesting students' right to go to class.
Parti Quebecois Leader Pauline Marois’s attacks on the Harper government, whose unpopularity in Quebec is matched only by
(CBC) -- A group of high-ranking Liberals in Quebec is lining up against the federal party's executive, releasing an open