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The banning of wearing religious symbols at work has forced some women to choose between faith and career.
People are sharing information and testimonies with each other, outside of official channels.
Where is that black-square and “we-stand-against-racism” energy from last summer?
Canada must confront settler society's past and present role in erasing Indigenous identities.
Alameda County sheriff’s deputy Alan Strickland dropped his lawsuit against the Raptors president last week.
Montreal was considered the seventh deadliest place in the world for COVID-19 related deaths.
Several Manchester United players have been the target of racist abuse this week.
Protesters are treated very differently when they're white and pro-Trump.
The pair are set to co-star in "Arthur The King."
Strangers hijacked a Black non-profit organization’s Zoom meeting to yell horrible racial slurs.
But Commissioner Brenda Lucki said an immediate external review isn’t necessary.
Nidia Guerrier has a lot to say about people "who think they should get a cookie, or that they're owed something, just because they shared an anti-racist post."
I'm a Democrat, they're Republicans. Healing the political divide will be America's next challenge.
The first nine months of 2020 saw a sharp increase in hate crimes incidents over last year.
Quebec’s Ministry of Education says teachers are free to decide which teaching materials are appropriate for their classroom.
The protests over the Mi’kmaw fishery have escalated to acts of vandalism and violence.
In a new interview, he credits Meghan Markle with helping him grasp unconscious bias.